Turkish Music

Just like many aspects of Turkish culture, Turkish music too has a very wide spectrum of diversity in its own right. From the Anatolian steppes to the Arabic dunes the tones and styles of many kind of music art has been influencing the Turkish music. The combination of these with the time has spawned many new alternatives of the music styles in Turkey. To an untrained western ear even the modern tune may sound very unfamiliar because of this huge diversity.

The Turkish folk music for example is still being kept alive with the poetic verses and songs from the folk icons like Pir Sultan Abdal, Yunus Emre, which was until recently a non-written music form. This style is still flourishes in the rural part of Turkey.

The classical Turkish music has its origins from the court of the late Ottoman Empire. The times of Ottoman’s were incredibly diverse with many cultures, that the most famous composers were Jews, Greeks and Armenians. Mevlevi music, Sufi music, became a great source for this type of music in the Turkish culture.

In the 50’s and 60’s the pop music shacked the whole country, just like it did western world. However Pop music in Turkey got greatly influenced by the arabesque which has notions like sentimentality one sided love and sometimes even fatalism. It was a mix of folk music, traditional music and new pop music which gave rise to a highly profitable business thus flourished until this day.