Turkish Coffee

turkish-coffee Turkish coffee, which signifies the togetherness and memory, is a unique type of coffee made with a peculiar brewing method explored by Turks. The Turkish coffee, which is always served with water or Turkish delight, has an important place in Turkish culture. Even there is a very famous phrase as the following “bir fincan kahvenin 40 yil hatiri vardir” (a cup of coffee is remembered for 40 years). Turkish coffee is also stewed in a different way with a very unique pot (Cezve). According to the guest’s request, sugar in 3 different amount can be added to the coffee while it is being stewed. Some can drink coffee sugary, middling amount of sugar or sugarless. Finally, when it is served, the memory, which will be remembered in next forty years, is begun to be built.

The recipe of Turkish coffee ‘Turk kahvesi’


1, 5 teaspoon sugar

2 teaspoon coffee

1 coffee cup water

Turkish Coffee Preparation

The ingredients are always same every Turkish coffee. However the order of ingredients and the way of usage affects the taste and the proportion of foam.

The water should be different from tap water. It is beneficial to use cold water as much as possible.

1 coffee cup cold water, 1,5 teaspoon sugar, and 2 teaspoon are added to a coffee pot. Blend continuously the pot at the same direction until it boils over in low heat.

When you see it is boiled over, it is ready to drink.

History of Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee is a preparation method of coffee, not a type of coffee. This method was taken in by Ottomans from Arab world in 16th -17th centuries. In the 1640s, the Ottoman historian Ibrahim Pecevi reported that the opening of the first coffee house in Istanbul.

Turkish coffee is a method of preparation coffee. So, there is no special type of coffee beans. The beans for Turkish coffee are pounded or ground to the finest possible powder.

In recent years, the tradition of Turkish coffee has been reduced by the improving the availability of other hot drinks such as quick coffee, other styles of coffee, and Turkish tea.

Drinking Types of Turkish coffee

In Turkey, there are four different drinking types of Turkish coffee. It is related how much sugar are put in it. Turkish pronunciations and the sugar amounts are as follows: plain coffee (sade) means no sugar, little sugar (az şekerli) means half teaspoon of sugar, medium sugar (orta şekerli) means one level teaspoon, and lot of sugar (cok sekerli) means one and a half or two teaspoon of sugar.

The reason why Turkish coffee is served with water or Turkish delight

The reason why it is served with water is to clean throat to relish the taste and the aroma of coffee perfectly. The water must not be two times more than the coffee.

The reason why Turkish coffee is served with Turkish delight is that the original type of Turkish coffee is sugarless. Without any sugar, it is severe to drink. So, if a person wants any sweetener with the coffee, he/she eats Turkish delight besides the Turkish coffee.