Family life in Turkey


Families are categorized into the most common two types according to their circumstances, local and social conditions. The traditional extended families are common ones taking place in Turkey. This kind basically means the coexistence of three generations: Grandparents, parents and ground kids. By the way, it is important to know that married son stays with his parents in the same house, but when the daughter of the parents marries, she moves to the house of her husband. Additionally, this type of family forms a unity of production and consumption that all people working and making money bring the money to the ground father of the family, and they together make the decision to spend the money for necessities. This type is very rarely encountered with nowadays. Furthermore, the nuclear family with emergence of industrialization and urbanization replaced the traditional families. The nuclear family consists of husband, wife and unmarried children. This kind of family is more suitable to Turkish social life today. Also, the nuclear family minimized the bickering of mother in law and bride which took place in traditional families.

Responsibilities and duties of nuclear family are constructed through traditional, emotional and economic conditions. In order to sustain the family’s union, each person is supposed to play a part. The father of the family is responsible for income; the mother can contribute to family by working if not then by doing house works. By the way, in Turkey most people do not settle their grandparents to retirement house that they take care of their grandparents. Therefore, grandparents contribute to family by supplying it with income from their pension or returns from their rented properties. Additionally, children also have the responsibilities for repairing, painting and cleaning the house. Even though the tradition places father as the head of the family, mother has the equal rights. The father also has the responsibilities for protection and representation of the family. In contrast, mother has responsibility for tidiness of the house and preparation of foods even if working.