Before the “Blankets for Syrian Refugees in Turkey” fundraiser began, Nile Academy was hoping to raise up to $1,000. On the same day the announcement was made to students and parents, the target was almost reached with donations amounting to $850! The first day was a clear indicator of the generosity to follow.


During the two-week-long fundraiser, students participated by organizing a bake sale and showed their spirit (and money) in Mismatch Day and Out of Uniform Day. Donations continued to pour in from parents, students, staff, neighbours, and friends totaling a whopping $4,850.


As a result of the community coming together, 323 Syrian refugees have a blanket to shelter them from the cold. The compassion that the Nile Academy family has shown is inspirational and heart-warming. May we continually spread this warmth to those who are in need.